Creative Work


Feature films available for options:

A Thorn – drama/tragedy film
Once Upon A Fairy – 

Television pilot available for option:

As If I Could Be Saved – horror/supernatural/drama

Short Film available for option:

What I Couldn’t Do – drama

Synopsis available upon request.


If you have a story idea, but don’t know how to write it, feel free to contact me to work as a contracted freelancer.

Rates vary depending on project and are available upon request.

Festival Submissions

The Wedding


A Thorn

Top 9 Finalist - NH Film Festival Screenplay Competition - 2014

Top 9 finalist in New Hampshire Film Festival Screenplay Contest 2014

Honorable Mention - Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition - 2014-2015

Honorable Mention and Nominated for Courage and Fortitude Award in Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition 2014-2015

Adieu My Love

“50 Kisses” London Screenwriters Festival competition Summer 2012:
A 2 page script that has to have a kiss and be set on Valentine’s Day.
Made the first round cut.

Synopsis: A couple must profess their love to each other one last time in order to get some rest.

Student Films at Rochester Institute of Technology

Mr. Perfect 

This is a short film that I have written for a Graduate student, Ruosi Han. This was her original idea which I took and wrote out in script form.

Synopsis: A 20-something career orientated woman must find a “perfect” date for her high school reunion. After a few rounds of blind dating, she asks a boy-friends-with-benefits to be her date and realizes she’s been looking for Mr. Perfect in all the wrong places.



This is a short film that I have written for one of my classes, Writing the Short. This film has been produced and shot. I have not received a link to this film. This script is his shooting script, to which he has made some changes, but it still stays close to my original story. I’m pretty sure this will not be distributed and if you would like to remake this film, please contact me for the original story.

Synopsis:  A young college students finds out her nightmares do come true and now she must save the one who keeps dying in her dreams.


The Agony of White

This is a short film I adapted from my sister, Mieko Sano’s short story she wrote for a class. We have wanted to turn this story into a film and I found the opportunity to do so in my Production Workshop: Fiction course. She was satisfied with how I adapted it and was extremely satisfied by the way I had shot it.

Synopsis: An assassin gives up his job to start a new life with his fiancée, but nothing good ever comes out of that.


 For the Love of Doritos

This is a 30 second commercial I wrote and directed for a “Directing the 30-second Commercial” course I took at Rochester Institute of Technology.

I Love You, Goodbye

This is a short film I co-wrote for Production Processes class. We had to write a 3 minute film that has 2-3 characters with dialogue and some action. We are supposed to write it so we can shoot in a studio that we have. I originally wrote this script with three characters, but when I took this film into my Post-Production Processes class my professor had me take out the third character.

Synopsis: A young soldier’s last few hours with the one he loves.